Winter Semester 2016

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology Calicut

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Course Information

Class Meetings

Slot: G


Name :   	Ibrahim A
Office : 	CSE 103C
Email :
Phone : 	8277397407

Name :   	Binu Jasim
Office : 	CSE 103C	
Email :
Phone : 	9567413327

Course Syllabus

Module I

Introduction to pattern recognition, Curve fitting problem, Linear regression problem, Classification problems, Decision trees, CART and ID3, Syntactic pattern matching, Rule based pattern matching

Module II

Bayes theorem, Multivariate Gaussian distribution, Bayesian decision theory, Maximum Likelihood estimation, Linear discriminant analysis, Fisher discriminant analysis, Nonparametric methods - kNN classifier, Parzen Window density estimation

Module III

Gradient Descent algorithm, Logistic regression, Artificial neural networks, Back propagation algorithm, Bias vs Variance, Resampling methods, Cross validation

Module IV

Unsupervised learning, K means algorithm, similarity measures, hierarchical clustering, Principal component analysis